Four 10202016

It’s been 320 days since you’ve came crashing into my life. 320 days. Yet I miss you as soon as you’re gone. I still get excited to see you, and disappointed when I don’t. We don’t sit on opposite ends of the couch. We run errands together rather than apart. You keep me company while I shower. You’ve even shaved my legs for me 😂 When we go out with our friends we go out together. You cherish our time as much as I do. You cherish and love me as much as I do with you.

This is the first relationship that I have had that is not a rollarcoaster but a gondola ride through the park, going steady, stopping every now and then and being able to enjoy the ride.

We don’t have the yelling or fighting, the jealousy, or trust issues; The breakups and make ups, the lies and cheating, the living a double life.

We have disagreements, and frustrations. We deal with my anxiety and how my brain goes into panic mode over small changes. We’ve gone to bed mad once. But we’re always honest with each other. If I’m panicking, she is right there beside me holding me. We support each other fully. We laugh, alllllll the time. We are a team.
This is a human being that has shown me love in ways I never knew 💕 I don’t plan on letting you go, I plan on a very long time with you. You have my heart, body, mind and soul. ❤️️

320 days later and I still get these messages that make me melt 


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