Things Change 11072016

I am MORE than ready for this year to be over, and for a new one to begin; Not to say this hasn’t been one of the greatest years I’ve had, I’m just ready for another one to begin. I feel like even though I’ve gotten a lot accomplished and I’ve taken 3 steps forward, I also feel like I have been pushed 2 back, (unlike previous years where I would take 3 and get pushed back 5, so at least its progress this year)

Next year I have some big goals ahead. Credit cards will be paid off, medical bills paid off, Dentistry bills paid off, and hopefully living with my girlfriend, while I work on saving for a  house in a couple of years, while I am also building on my credit and doing my due diligence in not opening any new accounts.

This is all rather boring, but with the way my life is going I am barely thinking of the now, and my focus is on my future.  I literally go to work, see my girlfriend, sleep, do chores, and see my friends here and there. Less adventures = less money spent.  Just this past weekend, we decided to splurge because we have officially been together for 10 months. That’s right! 10 months, of each other. No break ups. No make ups. Gosh I don’t even think I’ve been mad at her for more than 12 hours. We are definitely not perfect, but we do make one hell of a team! 🙂

Thanksgiving is coming, and so is Christmas, and you would ultimately think I would be excited but I am more excited for it to be over, lol Holidays are super stressful for me because my family dynamic is so much different than everyone else.


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