Day 5 of 7. 12032015

This day. Oh boy. What do even say about this day.

This day was the day I came home from work. To the house being destroyed by Eli, and when I say destroyed, I mean torn to shreds. Piss and shit everywhere, pots and pans splattered throughout the appliances that were on the counters were on the floor, paper towels everywhere. Laptop charger chewed, chairs knocked over, clothes everywhere. Destroyed.

I couldn’t deal with it, I couldn’t handle it. Here I was heartbroken, still taking care of the dog, still going to work, still trying to keep the will to survive and I came home to reality in my face to my life being an actual mess.  I put Eli back in his crate. ( sorry bud but you partied all day and obviously didn’t need to piss or shit or eat cause you had gotten into that as well.) called K to have them come take care of their dog, and clean. Yet the response that I got was that they couldn’t and they had work and doctors early in the morning. I had to deal with it. They refused. So I cried some more. Left and went To mybest friends house. Slept on her couch and went to work the next day.
Later on I had found out what REALLY happened that day. You were with her. You slept at her apartment. Where she had just kicked out her girlfriend. You guys had gotten intimate. Spent the night together. Instead of my arms. It was hers. Instead of me it was her. It was her it was her it was her it was her. That’s why you didn’t want to come home to get your dog or to clean or to talk to me. You chose her.

Now? Now I have someone who chooses me. Every day. From the time they wake up, to the time their eyes shut at night. She chooses me. Not a single doubt in their mind if I’m it. No matter if we fight. No matter if I have an anxious breakdown. No matter if I’m being jealous and insecure. No matter what. That’s something that I’ve never had, and I will always appreciate that about her. 💕


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