Emotional. 12162016

I don’t like having so many feelings. I don’t know where to put them which means they come out all wrong. I hate being yelled at or getting an attitude when I don’t deserve it. It literally can ruin my entire mood or make me cry for no reason. I just can’t help it, I don’t like arguing for fun, it doesn’t bring me pleasure. I also don’t like not saying I love you or goodnight before bed, I just can’t do it no matter how stubborn I want to be I know it’ll ruin my whole day the next day because I’ll be SO ANGRY that you let us go to bed without it and it’ll just make me want to cry all day. I know I have my period and it’s making me way emotional than I need be but I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t want to have tears I don’t want to have a heavy heart. I think of alll the cute pictures we used to take and now we don’t any more, or all the snaps we used to send that we don’t anymore or the things you’d tag me in cause they remind you of me but don’t any more. And I know that we’re both busy and work consumes us most of the time but it doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t sadden me. Those were just little things that I love, that we don’t do anymore and it makes me sad. I know our relationship hasn’t changed or your not being shady or anything crazy like that it’s just “we don’t have time for that” literally. So I’ll get over it but idk. I’m just on a rant. I’m tired. I want to be held. And cranky 


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